In my 27 year old life 3 topics has been waltzing around with me in a constant ebb and flow: music, travels and health…

With singing and traveling as the highlight of my dreams, I was early on faced with the health subject - at age 3 I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Or gluten intolerance. Since then I’ve had the focus on what I can and can not eat for as long as I remember, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 

Forced to read the ingredient list, questioning what food contained and actually being aware how my body felt while eating different foods - my interest for and awareness of food and nutrition has just grow with the years. 

While my singing career brought me abroad I was experiencing intense physical and emotional stress and it seemed to get stuck in my body. Carrying on with many weird symptoms, change of jobs, moving and life in general happening like a roller coaster, I could see more and more that my body and mind was really not separate. What I ate effected my mind and how I felt effected my body.

2016 I moved to Frankfurt, Germany, and with all the challenges moving to a new country brings, I got severe hip pain with days when I couldn’t even walk. I was lucky to meet an “out-of-the-box” doctor that found that dairy products was the cause of the pain. During those years my yoga practice became accompanied by meditation, Tibetan buddist meditation, and it has become the single most important component of my daily spiritual practice.

Gaining more and more clarity and learning every day, I’ve for long had the wish to some way be of benefit/of service, and for all these parts of my life to work together and bring something useful, inspiring and helpful to the world. I want my music to tell something of meaning, the lyrics to be reflection of real life - cause we’re all going through the same things, and I wish them to inspire you to something good.

Considering health: I always experience that everything was intertwined and connected, and I wish to raise awareness about an approach to heath that is holistic. Health is so much more than just food and exercise. Count relationships, career fulfilment, creativity and spirituality, among others, in.

Studying to become an Holistic Health coach and I feel that I’ve found the way to practically proceed on this path. I wish to share music that goes along side with this journey and that it all brings the conditions to continues discovering both the inner and outer world.

Having a feeling of “finally, I know that I’m supposed to do”, I wish to share the journey here with you. And let’s see if I’m right, cause who knows? - but doing is the only way to find out. 

Today you find me back in Sweden, but moving to Malaga, Spain spring ’19.

So stick around and let’s see where this whole adventure leads!