Mother Nature

Days like this.

Mother Nature is the single most important thing to keep me sane, closely accompanied by meditation and journaling.

It took me 2,5 years living in a city of concrete aka Frankfurt to understand the importance of nature. How and where else can we ground ourselves and to arrive to place of basics. There just is many metods out there, but for me, nature is the single best way.

This video is from yesterday. Shot with DJI Osmo Pocket. I’m so impressed by that little thing!

Physical health vs. Mental health

“So you’re depressed? oh just shake it of - it’s just in your head! Would we say the same thing to someone with a broken leg? Oh just walk it off - it’s just in your leg!”

There’s a little bit of truth in this joke sadly.

Why do we value physical health over phycological health? Why we learn body hygiene and not emotional hygiene?

Have a look at this Ted talk! It’s cool. And funny!

Year of 2018

What a year! Where to even start? A year of huge and important changes. 

The year when I stepped back into myself again and into my own truth. The year when I said Thank you and No thank you. Felt the support and love from my friends in a way bigger than I could imagine. The year when I left Germany. Found what I wish for for the future and started studying. Met a wonderful man. Spent more time traveling and more time with my family. 

It was the year I found my way to the trust that always held me and I faced and won over so many of my biggest fears.

2018 was powerful. And empowering. 

I’m stepping into 2019 with the biggest uncertainty, but with so much excitement and most of the time a calm of feeling that I’m more aligned than I ever been. 

It’s still accompanied with fears and worries and I’m reminding myself that there is and has never been any guarantees. But this is life. And this is living life. We will never know what the future holds and we can only do what feels right for us right now. 

All we need to know is just the. Next. Right. Step. 

This year I’ll do my best to take care of myself, stand in my truth and for what I believe in while trying keep and open mind. I will allow myself to feel it all and follow both my dreams and fears. I wanna be kinder to both others and myself. And I wanna build a solid foundation for the future, in the ways I can. And I wish that this upcoming year will allow creativity in every way to flow. 

That will be my intentions for the year 2019. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you✨



Welcome to the Blog!

I’m really excited about this platform. I thought for so long about creating a space for myself to truly share all the inspiration I stumble across, all the experiences, epiphanies and challenges I’m facing, a place for creativity, reflection and just real life with all that brings.

Here you’ll find posts on:

  • Holistic health (diet, relationships, exercise and spirituality)

  • Music

  • Travels

  • Life reflections

Or my plan is actually just as easy as to write from my heart, and those topics are very much in there. It’ll sure develop with time, but this is from where I’ll take off!

I truly wish that some of this content will inspire, empower and entertain you in one way or another. Happy you found your way here!

Love, Mikaela